News from the week behind

I’m back! I’m posting a second blog post! I’m just as surprised as you are 🙂 I made neither cornbread nor regular bread since last post. I did, however, order sourdough starter online after watching Michael Pollan’s Cooked series on Netflix . Will provide an update if this actually happens.

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Let’s dive in! The most embarrassing thing that happened to me this week was the mailman seeing my butt. Here’s how it went down: Lucas, my dog, was outside while I was getting ready for work on Saturday.  I was ironing my pants. I heard dogs barking. I looked outside. Lucas had jumped over the fence! He was still in our driveway, but Lucas’ arch nemesis, The Mailman, was making his way over from the neighbors yard. (Lucas has bitten someone in our yard in the past, so I was kinda freaking out!)  I ran outside, pants-less and trying to hide my butt with my shirt. I shooed Lucas from the driveway into the house. The Mailman was on his way down the driveway toward our house and he definitely saw my butt. :-/. I would like to clarify (for some reason) that I was wearing underwear and he did not see my lady bits. I still wear thong underwear solely because, for me, I prefer a permanent wedgie to picking bikini underwear out of my butt all day. Anway… Look at how handsome my doggy is!

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Yesterday Steven and I had our five year anniversary. It’s kind of crazy to think we have been together for five years. That’s a long time! We had a very nice, low key evening. We rode our bikes down to my favorite, Legion Brewing, to help a friend celebrate his birthday with a few beers. Then we went to Pure Pizza for dinner and on our way home we foraged for mulberries! We were a little bit tipsy at this point. There are four mulberry trees on our biking route and we hit up three of them to steal their juicy fruits! Finding free food to eat that you don’t feel weird about taking is really fun! I’ve worked as a server and considered eating unfinished food from a table, but I am civilized and fought the urge. Eating food from someone’s tree is totally okay though. The birds do it.  Go here if you’d like more info on foraging mulberries.

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This week I would like to share a People’s Pharmacy episode featuring Dr. Mark Hyman who is the Medical Director at the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine and recently published a book called Eat Fat, Get Thin. I personally don’t like promoting the “you should eat to lose weight” mentality. If I were to rename his book I would call it “Eat Fat, Get Healthy” but I bet his title sells more books. Anyway, they talk about how the dietary guidance that has been thrust upon the public for decades is a huge player in infecting us with a shit load of chronic disease. Research is supporting eating more healthy fats and limiting refined carbohydrates, but the establishment takes a really long time to come around, low-fat milk and yogurt are good examples. Eat your full fat dairy!! I really enjoyed it and I hope you do too.

I’m Veronica Corningstone. Thanks for stopping by!


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