Fitness Goals

I’m a pretty active person, but historically, I have had a really difficult time sticking to a fitness routine. I will do well for a few months and then slowly start to exercise less. In January I signed up for a running group that I had to pay for with hopes that I would stick with it. I did really well for the first 5-6 weeks and got up to running 7 miles fairly comfortably. I stopped going to the long runs on Saturdays for a number of reasons, but I was still running during the week. Then I started riding my bike and joined a soccer team with games on a night I would typically run. I ended up running about once a week and the knee pain that had derailed my running habit last year came back. So, I haven’t been running for the past month or so. Currently I ride my bike to go drink beer and walk my dog ~3 miles/day. Better than nothing, but I would like to do more so that I can feel strong.

I have learned that you can pretty much find a community for everything on Reddit. I found r/fitness, r/bodyweightfitness, and r/xxfitness. Lurking on these subreddits has given me some motivation to start adhering to a body-weight fitness routine (basically calisthenics, I’m cheap and don’t want to pay for a gym membership). I also found a post about fixing something called Anterior Pelvic Tilt. It is basically a few stretches/exercises that I can do to help work on my posture which may have the added benefit of decreasing the appearance of my gut. IDK if I have APT or just a beer belly :). I also like this warm-up because it includes foam rolling the IT band which really helped me get back to running without knee pain earlier this year.

Exercises to help with APT

  1. Hip flexor stretching coupled with quadruped hip extensions and hip circles – 2×20 seconds of the lunge stretch followed by hip extensions and hip circles
  2. Foam rolling of the IT band followed by clams
  3. 3×3 hand walkouts
  4. A lot of people forget that one of the main functions of the glutes is to eccentrically stop the femur from internally rotating. This exercise (and most single leg exercises) work well to fix that. Don’t let the knee cave in, keep it over the toes at all times. Add 6 reps on each leg of this exercise:

The r/bodyweightfitness  subreddit has a “recommended routine” on their sidebar. Each exercise has varying degrees of difficulty so as my strength increases I can easily adjust.

They have an app that goes through the RR that you can download in the Apple (body weight fitness) and Android (bodyweight fitness free) app stores.

Warm-up: (~10 minutes)

Dynamic Stretching:

  •  5-10 shoulder rolls
  • 5-10 scapular shrugs
  • 5-10 cat-cow
  • 5-10 straight arm overhead pull downs with band
  • 5-10 straight arm chest flies with band
  • 5-10 dislocates with band
  • 10+ wrist mobility exercises
  • 5-10 front and side leg swings

Bodyline Work :

  • 10-60 seconds Plank
  • 10-60 seconds Side Plank x both sides
  • 10-60 seconds Reverse Plank
  • 10-60 seconds Hollow Hold
  • 10-60 seconds Arch Hold

Skill Work (5-10 minutes)

Time allocated for the skill is including rest. So you just set a timer for 5-10 minutes and go practice your support and your handstand, resting as necessary. When time’s up, you’re done. If you are not able to plank for at least 30 seconds yet, skip the handstand practice for now.

5-10 minutes Handstand progression
2-3 minutes Support practice

Strength Work (~40 minutes)

“Pairing two exercises means doing a set of the first exercise, then resting 90 seconds, then doing a set of the second exercise and resting 90 seconds, and then repeating until you’ve done all sets of that pair.
You can rest anywhere from 90 seconds to 3 minutes between pairs, whatever you like.
All exercises are to be done in a 10×0 tempo. That means 1 second down, no pause at the bottom, explode up and no pause at the top. When “exploding up”, it’s the intent that matters. If the actual movement is slow, that doesn’t matter. Just don’t artificially slow it down.”

First Pair
If you can’t do diamond pushups and horizontal rows yet (you haven’t met the criteria listed on the exercise page), simply skip these for now.
3×5-8 Pullup progression
paired with
3×5-8 Dipping progression

Second Pair
3×5-8 Squat Progression
paired with
3x10sec-30sec L-sit Progression

Third Pair
3×5-8 Pushup progression
paired with
3×5-8 Row Progression


Routines were copied and pasted from a few different reddit pages. The goal of this post was to aggregate them and make them easier to find!



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