Humble Brag?

I went to a meeting today and a suggestion I made to my supervisor, fully expecting nothing to come of it, was implemented and I’m really excited! It’s small, but something I think is important.

If you’ve hung out with me at all this year you know that I’m interested in promoting the idea of health regardless of your BMI. I don’t care how much you weigh as much as I care about whether or not you’re eating 3 servings of vegetables and getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity most days. Soooo I noticed that our district’s school wellness policy had a committee called “Obesity Prevention”. This title implies that the worst thing for any child’s health is that they can be obese and doesn’t speak to the many other important components of health that are not related to how big your pants are. I recommended changing the name to something more positive and weight neutral, this was probably in January 2016. I didn’t hear anything back from my supervisor, but found out in a meeting today that they have changed the name to “Student Wellness”. It feels nice to throw an idea out there and see a change made. Victory!



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