Ellyn Satter

Ellyn Satter is a registered dietitian and trusted feeding expert. It sounds like a weird specialty until you work with kids that are bad eaters. So many kids are and it’s kind of expected, but Ellyn offers great strategies. Check out her division of responsibilities. Anyway, I’m reading through her book before I give it to a friend who is just starting to introduce solids to her baby. I figured instead of continuing to give unsolicited advice I will give her the book instead!

Anyway, I wanted to write how much I enjoy Ellyn’s perspective on fat kids.

” It’s ridiculous to assume that you could keep your child from being fat, but it’s hard to see why.” … ” If adults want to make food restrictions and striving for a lower body weight a part of life, that is up to them. For children, however, the process is invariably destructive.” … “For the child who is naturally fat– who maintains a consistent and predictable pattern of growth– there is no problem. There is a challenge, because raising an emotionally healthy child in today’s fat-phobic culture is tremendously difficult. The fat child, like any child who is in any way different from the norm, requires better-than-average social and emotional skills in order to be successful.”

This is the part that made me come here to write this down:

“A heavier-than-average child will present you with challenges in parenting. You may need help. If you can’t be accepting of your child’s size and shape and are vehement about trying to change her weight, if you blame yourself for your child’s weight, or if you feel sorry for her and are overprotective, get help.

She’s a good RD role model for me.

Satter, E. (2000). Child of mine: Feeding with love and good sense. Palo Alto, CA: Bull Pub.


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