Idea Machine!

I am currently reading the AAP Policy Statement on Prevention of Pediatric Overweight and Obesity. The following quote, in the opening paragraph, gave me an idea:

“Prevention is one of the hallmarks of pediatric practice….Documented trends in increasing prevalence of overweight and inactivity mean that pediatricians must focus preventive efforts on childhood obesity, with its associated comorbid conditions in childhood and likelihood of persistence into adulthood”

Wouldn’t it be interesting if a dietitian was a standard component of the interdisciplinary team at pediatric offices. It would be great if the dietitian was used to provide brief, relevant, in person nutrition education sessions to all families regardless of the presence of nutrition issues. So many parents don’t know what  a healthy diet is for their little one. Some brief guidance before a problem arises could be really helpful for prevention don’t you think?

Then, if the parent said to themselves, “you know, I’d really like to get more information.” or, “I have specific concerns I’d like to discuss.” They could make an appointment for more in depth counseling.

I just think this would be a nice, and potentially beneficial approach. I’m sure there’s like, a gazillion reasons why this can’t happen but I think if it was made a priority it could work. Research would take a long time but it would be interesting… to me at least…


2 thoughts on “Idea Machine!

  1. Zero research necessary. Design the program you want to implement. Then, visit pediatric offices and propose to them the idea of hiring you to do it. And then keep record when one says yes and see how it goes. Remember. O lay one needs to say yes.

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