Self Efficacy

I’m reading a bunch of required readings for a training that I am doing in September. The readings have me thinking about self efficacy and my mind wandered away from the text to considering my life. Specifically  my professional life.

Self efficacy was first described by Alfred Bandura as “as one’s belief in one’s ability to succeed in specific situations or accomplish a task”. I’ve always understood the importance of self efficacy when relating it to behavior change in people targeted by public health interventions or interventions delivered by me. I have high self-efficacy when it comes to doing sports-y things because I’ve always been athletic. This jock mentality has led me to believe that I have high self efficacy in general, but I just realized today that I have low self-efficacy when it comes to my job. This led me to google professional self efficacy and I found this interesting article:

Self-Efficacy in the Workplace: Implications for Motivation and Performance

I was going to get a little more vulnerable but got distracted and I’m no longer in the mood. It’s a good article though! You should check it out.


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